Success! First Model Forest Photo Contest delivers big wins

March 19, 2019 | Written BY : IMFN

More than 100 images from around the world representing Model Forest values, activities and people on the ground who implement the Model Forest approach on a daily basis were submitted to the first IMFN photo contest. The initiative, which ran from December 2018 to February 2019, was coordinated by Prince Albert Model Forest in Canada.

The images will be used for IMFN outreach and knowledge sharing purposes. The IMFN Secretariat would like to thank all participants for their entries. Here we present you the winning pictures – congratulations to the winners!

Humo Tropical - Bosque Modelo Risaralda

Humo tropical by Jean Pier Londoño Grajales, Risaralda Model Forest: “A Tourist trying to start a campfire to cook the dinner in the tropical humid forest”. Visitor Center La Pastora, Los Nevados National Park, Pereira, Colombia. Category “Landscapes, Partnerships, Sustainability” – 1st place


Coffee estate owner and protector of the forest - Kodagu Model Forest

Coffee estate owner and forest protector by Laurie Barant, Kodagu Model Forest: “Chumai is highly invested in protecting the forest. He knows a lot about trees and plants and he’s a member of Kodagu Model Forest Trust”. 2013, Coorg, India. Category “The Faces of Model Forests” – 1st place


Portrait of woman deseeding pepper - Kodagu Model Forest

Portrait of a woman deseeding pepper by Laurie Barant, Kodagu Model Forest: “For our study, we interviewed around 40 people from 40 different families both in Thithimathi and Porad Communautary Forums. We asked them about the activities of the Kodagu Model Forest Trust in rural development in Porad and on Human-elephant conflict mitigation in Thithimathi. The goal was to assess those activities and reorient them if needed or create a new Program of Activities that would meet the needs of the farmers as well as all the stakeholders depending on the forest (natives, Forest Department, coffee board, companies, etc.)”. 2013, Porad, India. The Faces of Model Forests – 2nd place


Meeting in the woods - Foresta Modello Montagne Fiorentine

Meeting in the woods by Associazione Foresta Modello delle Montagne Fiorentine, Montagne Fiorentine Model Forest: “We talked about Model Forest in the woods; planning and sustainability are the central themes of the meeting”. 2016, Municipality of San Godenzo, Appennino’s boundaries between Tuscany and Emilia Romagna, Italy. Category “Model Forests Principles” – 1st place


PAMF Manager becomes member of the Mistawasis Family

PAMF Manager becomes member of the Mistawasis family by Anthony Blair Dreaver Johnston, Prince Albert Model Forest: “True working relationships sometimes start with or become friendships. Mistawasis Nêhiyawak is represented on the PAMF board of directors, considers PAMF to be a friend, and welcomes PAMF manager Sarah Schmid as a member of the Mistawasis family”. 2017, Mistawasis Nêhiyawak traditional pow wow, Saskatchewan, Canada. Category “Model Forests Principles” – 2nd place

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