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December 08, 2009 | Written BY : admin_test

In May 2009, a workshop on the systematization of Model Forest experiences in partnership building was held in Chile for representatives participating in CUSO’s Knowledge for Effective Learning and Development Project (KEDLAP), as well as for representatives from the Lachuá and the Risaralda Model Forests, the IAMFN Management Team and the IMFN Secretariat. The workshop was supported by the IMFN Secretariat and the International Development Research Centre (IDRC).

Systematization can and does mean many things, depending upon the context. In this case it refers to a process whereby stakeholders and beneficiaries collectively plan a project or activity around a key question, implement the project or activity, take time at regular intervals to reflect on their progress, adjust course as necessary then act again. The entire process is documented so that it is sharable with others. The IMFN is participating in response to members’ requests for increased tools and capacity for knowledge sharing globally.

All workshop-related material, including minutes, photos and presentations, are now available on the KEDLAP website. KEDLAP’s first online learning forum began in October, and is an ongoing forum through which participants from the workshop will continue to learn about and refine the systematization approach. The IMFN intends to broaden Model Forest training in systematization in 2010.

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