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Global Forum 2011, Burgos, Spain

The IMFN held its 2011 Global Forum on March 24-27, in Burgos, Spain. The triennial meeting gathered 225 participants from 32 countries, including Africa, Europe, Asia and the Americas. A key innovation of the 2011 Global Forum was the development and sponsorship by the IMFN and its host partners in Spain of an International Symposium on Ecosystem and Landscape-level Approaches to Sustainability. The Symposium preceded the IMFN Global Forum and was attended by approximately 400 participants. It was co-organized with FAO, CBD Secretariat, CIFOR, and IUCN. It offered an exceptional opportunity for Model Forest delegates to share their experiences and learn from like-minded organizations and approaches. In addition, through these joint events the IMFN was able to substantially increase its visibility and profile with external partners and audiences, particularly in Europe.

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Showcasing the success of large-scale restoration of landscapes burdened by natural or man-made disasters, the Global Partnership on Forest Landscape Restoration (GPFLR) launched the joint report: Restoring forests and landscapes, the key to sustainable future. The IMFN is an active member of the GPFLR and contributed to the creation of this report. 

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