Resource Mobilization Training Pays Off in the Philippines

April 13, 2006 | Written BY : admin_test

Purificacion S. Daloos and Ramon N. Calumbay, Ulot Watershed Model Forest

Stakeholders of the Ulot Watershed Model Forest in the Philippines have formed five resource mobilization teams to undertake activities that will generate funds for Model Forest programs in 2006.

The IMFN Secretariat and the Partnership and Business Development Branch of IDRC co-sponsored a resource mobilization training workshop for Model Forest representatives from all Asian sites in 2004. Ulot Watershed participants then brought the knowledge back to Model Forest stakeholders through what is called “echo” training, which aims to reproduce the training experience locally. Stakeholders from the national forestry department, academia, community groups, the military, NGOs and others participated in the echo training, which was also sponsored by IMFNS.

Funds raised will be used to sustain activities such as meetings, business development (acquisition of coco coir machines), natural resource management, seedling procurement and plantation maintenance, the establishment of a forest ranger station, and communications and outreach activities.

Ulot Watershed Stakeholders Complete Financial Management Training
Purificacion S. Daloos and Ramon N. Calumbay, Ulot Watershed Model Forest

Sound financial management is a fundamental element of project sustainability. Recognizing its importance, about 30 Ulot Watershed Model Forest stakeholders in the Philippines successfully completed a financial management training workshop hosted by the Model Forest last December.

Over the course of 3 days, freelance accountants instructed stakeholders on the importance of bookkeeping, managing accounts, handling cash receipts and disbursements, and managing transactions that are typical in Model Forest activities. Participants were then given examples of transactions involving cash receipts and disbursements and made to record these transactions in different types of journals and ledgers. Using the same set of transactions, they were also made to prepare balance sheets and financial statements, among others.

Ulot Watershed Project Manager Ramon Calumbay said that the workshop was designed to improve stakeholders’ skills and that capacity-building exercises are part of the Model Forest’s strategic plan.

The accountants will be conducting field visits to monitor if trainees have applied their knowledge to their respective project activities, and to respond to any follow-up questions.

The IMFN Secretariat sponsored the financial management training workshop.

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