Provence Model Forest: report of the summer of 2017 fires

November 22, 2017 | Written BY : admin_test

The region of Provence, France, was the theater of fires this last August, ravaging 8000 Ha. A strong drought and high winds are identified as factors contributing to the situation.

Forest areas belonging to the Provence Model Forest have been affected. While the massifs of Sainte-Baume and Étoile de Garlaban were touched only superficially, that of the Maures saw 3000 Ha. of territory consumed. In total, only 2% of the area of ​​the Provence Model Forest has been affected.

Several actions, first to provide help to the victims in the inmediate aftermaths of the fires, then to finance the stabilization works on 25 Ha. soils, in order to avoid erosion and floods (a phenomenon called fascination), were undertaken.

The local communal authority is carrying out an impact study aimed at establishing concrete measures for the restoration of the territory.

A series of fundraising activities were also held to rehabilitate certain public reception facilities (trails, etc.). The National Forestry Office is also involved in a diagnostic process, in order to secure the affected territory and identify urgent fascination work.

Luckily, no loss of human life has occurred as a result of the fires. The losses are mitigated by the hope that “fires also allow nature to renew itself and are favorable to biodiversity,” says the Model Forest.

The Model Forest of Provence continues its regular activities, for example by coordinating the second edition of the “Cork Oak Weekend”, on March 10th and 11th, 2018, a public event aimed at promoting forest management, handicrafts and the artistic domain associated with the cork oak (pictured).

Published 22 November, 2017

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