Pathways to Climate Change Resilience

December 15, 2015 | Written BY : admin_test

Video: A Guidebook for Forest-Based Communities

The Canadian Model Forest Network has developed a guidebook to help rural-based communities become more climate resilient. The Guidebook and the accompanying Community Resource Collection have been crafted based on the idea that rural communities in forest settings want guidance in understanding and acting to reduce community impacts from the changing climate.

Late last year, we shared this introductory video.

Today we launch a follow-up video highlighting how Model Forests are helping communities implement the guidebook and become more climate resilient. We are testing the principles from the guidebook in two Aboriginal communities in Canada and in the Vilhelmina Model Forest in Sweden.  As Cindy Pearce, lead author of the guidebook notes, “Small communities in forest-based settings, are most vulnerable to climate change and we’re seeing those impacts now.” This is especially true for communities further north as they experience impacts from extreme weather events, such as forest fires and floods, by their front door.

This video is in English video close-captions in English, French and Spanish. 

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