Latin American Model Forests Partnering for Sustainable Resource Management

June 09, 2005 | Written BY : admin_test

Jujuy Model Forest contributing to sustainable management of mountain river basins

Prolonged overexploitation of forest resources in Argentina’s Pericos-Manantiales River Basin, home of the Jujuy Model Forest, has intensified erosion, sedimentation and flooding caused by seasonal torrential rains. The resultant damage is endangering agricultural production and the welfare of local communities.

In order to identify and implement sustainable forest management and other related activities aimed at reversing this situation, the country’s National Model Forests Program turned to the Food and Agriculture Organization’s (FAO) Technical Cooperation Programme.

The resulting project, known as TCP/ARG/2902(A) “Sustainable Management of Forest Ecosystems in the Los Pericos-Manantiales River Basin,” led to the description of both the environmental economics and social aspects of the Basin, as well as the development of a master plan for sustainable management with full participation of all stakeholders.

The Jujuy Model Forest and other local organizations have played important roles in the development of the project, promoting an inter-sectoral approach to the management of the Basin’s natural resources. The Jujuy Model Forest will also play an important role in the implementation of identified management activities.

The Pericos-Manantiales River Basin project has been nominated for the 2004–2005 edition of the FAO’s Edouard Saouma Award. The prize is presented at the beginning of each regular session of the FAO Conference to a national or regional institution that has implemented, with particular efficiency, a project funded by the Technical Cooperation Programme.

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