LAC-Net Regional Workshop in Buenos Aires

December 29, 2006 | Written BY : admin_test

During the June 2006 meeting of the LAC-Net Board of Directors, a recommendation was made to the management team to carry out a training event at least once a year, which would also correspond with Board meetings. As a result, from November 22 to 24, 2006 a workshop on network consolidation was held prior to the Board meeting in Argentina.

This workshop had three objectives: (i) to build a common identity in terms of a proposed framework of Principles, Criteria & Indicators (PC&I) of Model Forests; (ii) to strengthen Model Forest and regional capacity to build alliances with new partners; and (iii) to provide guidance on developing a resource mobilization strategy. The three-day workshop for Model Forest and other LAC-Net representatives took place in Buenos Aires.

A range of partners provided support to make this workshop possible, including the Chiquitano Model Forest, CUSO, AVINA, CATIE, LAC-Net and the International Model Forest Network Secretariat.

A report on this meeting and the Directors’ meeting which followed, will be available soon.

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