Indigenous Filmmakers from Canada Focus on Chiloé

April 11, 2006 | Written BY : admin_test

Finding out what made well-respected indigenous leaders Ron Evans and Sheldon Kent, partners in the Manitoba Model Forest, travel 8000 miles to the Williche communities in Chiloé, Chile, peaked the curiousity of documentary filmmakers from the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN) of Canada.

Evans and Kent’s visit was part of the Ojibway-Williche Well-being and Health Care Initiative between the indigenous Black River and Brokenhead Ojibway people of the Manitoba Model Forest in Canada, and the Williche people of Chiloé Model Forest in Chile.

The documentary “La Tierra de la Medicina” is about the use of traditional medicine, the protection of the forests and minerals, and the offering of a holistic vision for indigenous peoples that includes improving education, empowerment and social organization.

“[The film] raises awareness that it is possible to gain political power in different parts of the world without neglecting one’s Aboriginal language and culture. Aboriginal peoples of South America can have their stories told through this format,” explained director and scriptwriter Jim Compton.

The documentary will be shown, not only on the APTN, but also on non-indigenous Canadian TV channels and at international film festivals, as well as other media in different parts of the world.

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