Corporate Social Responsibility, Kyoto-Style: An Approach to Collaborative Forest Management

May 24, 2017 | Written BY : admin_test

In 2006, the Kyoto Model Forest Association (KMFA), a public-interest, incorporated association, was formed to serve as a catalyst for sustainable forest management activities under the supervision of the Model Forest Promotion Division of Kyoto Prefecture.

These activities – together referred to locally as the Kyoto Model Forest “movement” – are carried out through partnerships with a range of stakeholders working in forest management.

Among those stakeholders are private companies that have become members of the KMFA and that fund forest management activities in what are known as “Enterprise Forests.”

This document highlights the innovative approach of the KMFA in establishing partnerships by appealing to the corporate social responsibility (CSR) motivations of private companies – among them, well-known global corporations such as Suntory, Coca-Cola and Kyocera.

Although there are other examples of private-sector engagement in model forests across the IMFN, this one is truly unique and shows how the Model Forest concept can respond to local needs.

Please click on the image, or here, to download the PDF document and read full story.

Shibata Shingo
Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies
Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan

Published: May 2017


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