IMFN Climate

IMFN Climate: Scaling-up Nature-based Leadership Platforms for Climate Resilience, Restoring Degraded Forest Landscapes and Biodiversity

January 2023 – March 2026

Can$ 18,700,000

As Canada welcomed the world to the COP15 (Conference of the Parties) biodiversity conference in Montreal, on this past 12 December 2022, Canada announced an investment of Can$18.7 million over 4 years in support of Scaling-up Nature-Based Leadership Platforms. Through the proven partnerships of the International Model Forest Network in official development assistance (ODA)–eligible countries, this investment will support efforts to scale up forest and landscape restoration, enable inclusive landscape governance and equip the next generation of forest leaders to address the twin crises of climate change and biodiversity loss.

The investment represents an allocation of Canada’s five-year $5.3 billion climate finance commitment made in 2021 and toward Canada’s commitment that 20 percent of these funds go toward nature-based climate solutions and projects that contribute biodiversity co-benefits.

This investment in the International Model Forest Network will not only help support developing countries in their transition to low-carbon, climate-resilient, nature-positive and inclusive sustainable development but also contribute in part to delivering on Canada’s commitments under the Global Forest Finance Pledge and the Forests and Leaders’ Partnership.

There is no solution to climate change and terrestrial biodiversity loss that does not involve healthy forest ecosystems. Forest ecosystems and how we sustainably manage forests are a key, nature-based solution to many issues, including climate mitigation, biodiversity loss and increased efforts in conservation.

The commitment of the International Model Forest Network to inclusive best practices and shared governance approaches is increasingly relevant today and an important part of a collaborative, international effort to fight climate change and biodiversity and habitat loss. Through this investment, we are advancing our commitment to international climate finance, restoring important lands and forests and helping to support the next generation of forest leaders.

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Expected Results

IMFN Climate will assist Model Forests in at least 10 official development assistance (ODA)-eligible countries.

The initiative aims to reduce emissions and increase carbon sequestration from forest/lands through:


1. Place-based investments in nature-based solutions through forest and landscape restoration (FLR);


2. Strengthened gender equity in sustainable forest and land management; and


3. Knowledge for development in forest and natural resource management education.

The initiative will also directly support multiple policy activities under the UNFCCC, UNCBD, UNCCD and the associated UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration, Sustainable Development Goals, Agenda 2030, the G7 2030 Nature Compact, and the United Nations Global Forest Goals. The initiative builds on Natural Resources Canada’s successful delivery of RESTAURacción: Wildfire Restoration in Latin America.

Context: The How

1. Place-based investments in Nature-based Solutions through Forest and landscape restoration (FLR)

Provide financing for rehabilitation and enhanced resilience actions on the ground in at least 10 countries with a focus on women, indigenous peoples and youth in implementing landscape restoration strategies that yield increased environmental, biodiversity and socio-economic benefits.

2. Strengthened gender equity in sustainable forest and land management

Increasing the role of women in the planning and decision-making of developing landscape restoration strategies, landscape monitoring and land-use planning tools through leadership programming, alternative economic opportunities for local people, small grants programs and/or other sustainable, locally-driven and locally-relevant initiatives.

3. Knowledge for development in forest and natural resource management education

Enhancing women’s and community organizational capacity for sustainable management of local resources through the training of current and future overseas forestry professionals as well as the promotion of sustainable management and use of resources at the landscape level.

Initiative Updates & Resources

IMFN Climate Achievements-EN-cover

IMFN Climate Year 1: 2023 Achievement Report

As an initial step of the IMFN Climate initiative, CAD $316,365 was invested in Fiscal Year 2022/23 in a project led by the Latin American Model Forest Network Secretariat, to contribute to scholarships for the next generation of forest leaders and support governance processes in some Model Forests of the region.


IMFN Climate Year 2: 2023-2024 (details coming soon!)

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