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Provence Model Forest: report of the summer of 2017 fires

Wednesday November, 2017

The region of Provence, France, was the theater of fires this last August,...

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GPFLR Announces New Elected Chair, Vice Chair

Thursday September, 2017

Tim Christophersen and Catalina Santamaria have unanimously been chosen as ...

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Plain Bison Protection Treaty: Renewing Cultural and Spiritual Relationships with the Bison and the Landscape

Thursday August, 2017

PRINCE ALBERT MODEL FOREST Since the end of the 19th century, bison populat...

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Three New Model Forest Members Added in June

Thursday June, 2017

29 June 2017 – The IMFN map changes again this month! As of June 20...

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Integrated Landscape Management in Africa: Learning from Each Other

Monday June, 2017


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Visitor-Friendly or Bioeconomy? Place-Based Collaborative Learning Towards Multiple Forest Use in Swedish Bergslagen

Thursday May, 2017

Inspired by international policy developments and a national strategy for l...

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Corporate Social Responsibility, Kyoto-Style: An Approach to Collaborative Forest Management

Wednesday May, 2017

In 2006, the Kyoto Model Forest Association (KMFA), a public-interest, inco...

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Ecuador: Chocó-Andino Model Forest Awarded Top Green Prize

Tuesday May, 2017

This last 11 May, The Chocó-Andino Model Forest, as part of the Commonweal...

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Working Together, Helping Each Other: Prince Albert Model Forest (Canada) Wins Award

Wednesday May, 2017

On 3 May, 2017, the efforts of Prince Albert Model Forest in bringing toget...

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MMFN pledges to support Bonn Challenge

Monday April, 2017

24 April, 2017 – Participants at Mediterranean Forest Week (March 201...

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