Regional Model Forest Network – Asia

The Regional Model Forest Network—Asia (RMFN-Asia) is an initiative that brings people across Asia together to help them sustainably manage their landscapes. With a Chair based at the Royal Forest Department in Thailand, the RMFN-Asia developed a strategic plan identifying poverty alleviation, livelihoods and food security, forest restoration and biodiversity conservation, water security, landscape governance, climate change and gender equity and equality as priority focal areas.

RMFN-Asia members:

          1. Balkhila Model Forest, India
          2. Carood Watershed Model Forest, Philippines
          3. Kodagu Model Forest, India
          4. Kyoto Model Forest, Japan
          5. Lin’an Model Forest, China
          6. Margowitan Model Forest, Indonesia
          7. Ngao Model Forest, Thailand
          8. Ulot Watershed Model Forest, Philippines
          9. Dong Nai, Vietnam (in development)
          10. Siem Reap, Cambodia (in development)
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