Latin-American Model Forest Network

The Latin-American Model Forest Network (RLABM), established in 2002 and whose management team is based at the Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center (CATIE) in Costa Rica, represents the largest regional membership of Model Forests in the IMFN.





The RLABM’s strategic objectives are:

For the Model Forests:

1: Strengthen sustainable territorial governance initiatives through participatory and collaborative management.

2: Promote the implementation and transfer of good conservation and production practices that preserve and/or recover ecosystems and contribute to sustainable development in a context of global change.

3: Promote that the diverse needs, interests, experiences and traditional knowledge of all people in the landscape are an integral part of the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of programs and projects in the Model Forests and in the construction of policies in their landscapes.

For the Management Team:

4: Achieve an effective operation of the RLABM by allowing for the allocation of human and financial resources necessary to complete the proposed objectives.

RLABM members:


  1. Futaleufú Model Forest
  2. Jujuy Model Forest
  3. Tucumán Model Forest


  1. Chiquitano Model Forest


  1. Amazonas Tapajós Model Forest
  2. Caçador Model Forest
  3. Hileia Baiana Model Forest
  4. Mata Atlántica Model Forest
  5. Mosaico Sertão Veredas Peruaçu Model Forest
  6. Pantanal Model Forest


  1. Araucarias del Alto Malleco Model Forest
  2. Cachapoal Model Forest
  3. Panguipulli Model Forest


  1. Risaralda Model Forest
  2. Valle de Aburrá Model Forest

Costa Rica

  1. Chorotega Model Forest
  2. Reventazón Model Forest


  1. Sabanas de Manacas Model Forest

Dominican Republic

  1. Colinas Bajas Model Forest
  2. Yaque del Norte Model Forest


  1. Chocó Andino Model Forest


  1. Lachuá Model Forest
  2. Los Altos Model Forest
  3. Manejo Forestal Biosfera Maya Model Forest


  1. Atlántida Model Forest
  2. Noreste de Olancho Model Forest
  3. Noroeste de Olancho Model Forest
  4. Sico Paulaya Model Forest
  5. Yoro Model Forest


  1. Pichanaki Model Forest
  2. Rio Huayabamba-Abiseo Model Forest
  3. Villa Rica Model Forest
  4. Abancay Apurímac Model Forest

Puerto Rico

  1. Puerto Rico National Model Forest
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