Regional Networks

Regional Model Forest Networks define, articulate and manage a regional program of work by those who know the area best. These regional programs may be formal or informal and reflect the priorities, strengths and opportunities that are unique to a particular region. Regional Network functions include:

  • Networking between Model Forest sites within a region to help transfer technology and knowledge
  • Assistance in regional resource expansion
  • Regional communications and advocacy
  • Regional program support
  • Regional partnership and capacity development
  • Documentation, monitoring and evaluation
  • Review and approval of new Model Forest proposals and membership in the Regional Network

There are currently six Regional Networks under the IMFN:


African Model Forest Network

The African Model Forest Network (AMFN) was established in 2009 with support from the Government of Canada. The AMFN’s mission is to facilitate the development of a pan-African network of Model Forests representative of the continent’s rich diversity.  Read more…

Northern Europe and Russia

The Department of Forest Resource Management at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Umeå received a major European Union grant (EU Interreg Baltic Sea Region) for further development of the Model Forest concept in northern Europe. Read more…

Canadian Model Forest Network

The Canadian Model Forest Network (CMFN) is the originator of the Model Forest approach. The  Model Forests that make up this network are living laboratories where leading-edge techniques and approaches to the sustainable management of forest-based landscapes are researched, developed, applied, monitored and then shared with others. Read more…

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Latin-American Model Forest Network

The Latin-American Model Forest Network (RIABM), established in 2002 and whose management team is based at the Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center (CATIE) in Costa Rica, represents the largest cluster of Model Forests in the IMFN. Read more…


Mediterranean Model Forest Network

The Mediterranean Model Forest Network (MMFN) was officially announced by representatives from Spain at the 2008 IMFN Global Forum with a vision to expand Model Forest development throughout the Mediterranean region with its unique forests and landscapes. Read more…

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Regional Model Forest Network-Asia

The Regional Model Forest Network—Asia (RMFN-Asia) is an initiative that brings people across Asia together to help them sustainably manage their landscapes. With a Chair based at the Royal Forest Department in Thailan…. Read more…

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