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Since 1996, I have had the privilege of being involved with the International Model Forest Network and in mid-2017, I was appointed Head of the International Model Forest Network Secretariat. I have been proud to watch our members and partners continue to make a difference around the world. I see proof every day that Model Forests are not standing in isolation, but make up a greater network of individuals and organizations planning and implementing a range of activities, including forest landscape restoration, natural resources policy development, gender-responsive initiatives, and community training and capacity building.

Model Forests have been promoting the landscape approach to sustainable development for more than 25 years. As the international community looks for ways to achieve their commitments under the Sustainable Development Goals and other agreements, we point to the success that has come from within our Network and look ahead to scaling up these lessons for even greater achievements, together.

Welcome to our website, where you will discover an experienced community of practices, find tools to plan and implement sustainable forest management, and learn from inspiring initiatives from all around the world.

Richard Verbisky
Head, International Model Forest Network Secretariat
Natural Resources Canada, Canadian Forest Service

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