Vilhelmina Launches Europe's First Model Forest

August 30, 2004
Media Advisory

Ottawa, Canada ― On September 1, 2004, at 19:30, Mr. Håkan Wirte´n, Deputy Director General, Swedish National Board of Forestry, will officially launch Europe’s first model forest ― and the newest member of the International Model Forest Network ― in the town of Vilhelmina in northern Sweden.

The launch of the Vilhelmna Model Forest (VMF) is the first step in a planned network of model forests within the Barents Region that will use the model forest approach to help address the challenges of enhancing regional cooperation and sustainably managing Europe’s richest forest resources.

The inauguration will be part of a three-day workshop that will include field excursions to three of the 11 forest-related demonstration areas within and around the VMF, and will culminate in a celebration of the 100th anniversary of Sweden’s Fatmomakke Saamí Community on September 4 and 5.

The International Model Forest Network is a voluntary association of some 30 sites in North and South America, Asia, and Pacific Russia. The network Secretariat is headquartered at the International Development Research Centre, in Ottawa, Canada.

Event:             Vilhelmina Model Forest Inauguration
Date:               September 1, 2004
Time:              19:30
Location:        Hotel Vilhelmina, Volgsjövägen 16

Refreshments will be served. 

For more information about the inauguration, please contact:

Leif Jougda
Regional Forestry Board Västerbotten
Vilhelmina, Sweden
Tel.: 46-0-940-371-47

For more information about model forests and the International Model Forest Network, please contact:

Peter Besseau
Executive Director
International Model Forest Secretariat
Tel.: (613) 236-6163, ext. 2351