Update: IMFN Knowledge Sharing Approach

A knowledge management and sharing workshop (KM/S) was held during the IMFN Global Forum in June in Hinton, Canada. About 40 participants from across the IMFN participated in the discussion where they were asked two specific questions: What are the fundamental elements of an effective KM/S strategy for the IMFN? What actions do we need to take, and when, to make KM/S a reality?

Participants identified a number of short-, medium- and long-term goals. Most prominent among the short-and medium-term goals (defined as three and six-months following the Global Forum) were an examination of the Network's communications infrastructure, a revised IMFN website and the establishment of a KM/S committee. The KM/S committee has now been formed based on expressions of interest from different model forests and regional networks. This committee developed an information and communications technology (ICT) survey that was sent to all model forests in early October. The results from the survey will help form the basis for a KM/S approach for the Network. The revamped IMFN website will also be launched in early 2009. Next steps include a knowledge needs assessment of the Network, a first online meeting of the KM/S committee and the finalization of the KM/S approach.