Trends in research and collaboration in the Canadian Model Forest Network, 1993-2010

The Forestry Chronicle 2012, 88(03): 274-282.

B Bonnell

A fundamental principle of the Model Forest concept focuses on the generation and sharing of knowledge through research, innovation and collaboration. Over 380 papers, published in journals, have been identified that are based on research and other activities supported by a Model Forest in Canada. Bibliometrics is a research method used to measure scientific output, level of influence of a researcher or organization, changes in research focus and levels of collaboration between researchers and organizations. This study presents an analysis of research trends and collaborative research activity within the Canadian Model Forest Network from 1993–2010 based on journal articles produced during that time period. The analysis shows publication of research varies among Model Forests and individual projects. The most significant result is a clear trend towards increased national-level collaboration in research activities with the Canadian Forest Service and various universities acting as key hubs in the publication of the results of Model Forest-supported research.