Sustainable Forests, Sustainable Communities

The Canadian Model Forest Network (CMFN) gathered in Ottawa for three days in January for its semi-annual general meeting, bringing together the Presidents, General Managers and Communicators from the 14 member model forests, as well as representatives from the IMFN Secretariat. 

Separately, and together, the three groups discussed the future direction of the CMFN. For example, the Presidents participated in a facilitated visioning exercise and formulated a new mission statement: Sustainable forests, Sustainable communities. In those four words, they captured the CMFN’s efforts toward landscape-level forest management and toward helping forest dependent communities develop new strategies to sustain their futures.

The meetings also provided an opportunity for participants to learn about each other’s work, find areas for collaboration and learn about the CMFN national initiatives, such as promoting non-timber forest products and developing opportunities for bio-fuels. Communicators were eager to learn about and promote the use of online tools including Skype, RSS feeds and Wikis to support collaborative work among sites. In addition, the General Managers endorsed the development of a strategic plan for international projects and future participation in the IMFN Circumboreal Initiative.  For more information, contact CMFN General Manager Dave Winston at