Stories Wanted for Next Edition of Connections

The past two editions of the IMFN newsletter have focused on important areas of activity and impact for Model Forests around the world: governance and participatory processes, and integrating protected area values into larger landscapes. For the next issue, we want to keep focusing on areas of critical impact, and for this we need your ideas, to understand your successes and challenges and to know your plans and aspirations, all in the very important area of economic opportunity. Our next issue will document the contribution of Model Forests to creating opportunities to support the economic aspirations of their partners for more secure and sustainable livelihoods, more diversified use of natural resources, greater training and investment, and other activities that will contribute to balanced and equitable development of Model Forest areas. 

Over the coming weeks Model Forests will be contacted by an IMFNS communications consultant, who will be seeking your input for this important newsletter. There are many great stories to be told in this area, and we look forward to pulling them together for a great report.