So, You Want to Build a Model Forest?

Final edits are now being made to the “Model Forest Development Guide” based upon feedback from a  number of astute readers throughout the network, as well as from the FAO. The Guide was put together by the IMFNS  with the help of model forests. It addresses a number of key questions about model forests:  where the concept came from, how it evolved, what is a model forest, how is one established, and what exactly does a model forest do? 

Two things have argued in favour of creating such a guide. First, there continues to be great demand for information from around the world about model forests and the network. Second, with six years of experience in Canada, and five internationally, there is more than enough expertise and experience to answer those questions clearly in an easy-to-use format.  In putting the Guide together, the objective was, in fact, to keep it simple so that the core messages are given the prominence they deserve, and,  more importantly, so that the document can be easily updated. 

The Guide consists of a short (23 pages) main text and a separate annex. The annex is made up of  documents from individual model forests that show, among other things, partnership composition, organizational charts, and programme areas. We hope that the model forest message will be clear and accessible, and that readers share with us their thoughts on how it might be further improved.

The draft guide is currently in English, French and Spanish.  Russian, Japanese and Chinese versions are expected to be available in late 1999.