Foothills Research Institute, CanadaInformation is a key requirement for the sustainable management of large forested landscapes. A fundamental principle of Model Forests is a commitment to generate and share knowledge through research, innovation and collaboration. All Model Forests engage in action research —learning by doing — and many are also involved in social and biophysical research by:

  • Undertaking their own studies
  • Collaborating with other Model Forests or partners in research projects
  • Providing funding to research initiatives
  • Providing the field laboratory (physical space) within which research activities can take place

Active involvement in research helps ensure that the advances in knowledge and experiences of Model Forests become an integral component of future management practices and decisions.

Model Forest research activities lead to a greater understanding of ecological processes, the impacts of multiple anthropogenic and natural disturbances on forest ecosystems, the socio-economic dimensions of sustainable management and much more. In addition, Model Forests are instrumental in incorporating research results into effective decision-making and on-the-ground applications.

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