Regional Model Forest Network - Asia

Carood Watershed Model Forest, PhilippinesKodagu Model Forest, IndiakyotoLin'an Model Forest, ChinaMargowitan Model Forest, IndonesiaNgao Model Forest, ThailandTaheUlot Watershed Model Forest, Philippines



Model Forests were initially established in Asia through funds from the government of Japan, with technical support from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

The Regional Model Forest Network–Asia includes China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Thailand and the Philippines. Key priorities are consolidating the network and capacity building of Model Forests in the region. A key milestone in this process was the opening of an Asian Network Secretariat in China, housed at the Chinese Academy of Forestry in Beijing.

The two priority themes agreed upon by the members of the network include ecological goods and services and integrated landscape management.

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Regional Model Forest Network - Asia



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