PhotoVoice in the Model Forests

Engaging beneficiaries in project planning, monitoring, evaluation and learning
Photovoice is a community-driven participatory action research method that brings photography and social change together. Project organizers hand digital cameras over to community members so that they can take pictures of and discuss their perspectives on issues, challenges, opportunities and impacts. Focusing on images helps involve individuals who often do not feel able to or comfortable with sharing their opinions. Community members lead this process and, by discussing their photos, build common understanding, begin to draft their own action plans, advocate for outside assistance, and assess the impact of projects.
Photovoice has been used by Cuso International, VSO Cameroon and the African Model Forest Network to engage beneficiaries in participatory monitoring & evaluation (M&E), program planning and decision-making processes. It has been particularly useful in Model Forests and other environments where collaboration is critical to bringing diverse stakeholders together for realizing sustainable development.
The guide that was developed is a collaborative undertaking, intended to help spread the use of the photovoice method to other Model Forests. It aims to provide Model Forest actors with guidelines and recommendations for planning, facilitating and reporting on photovoice projects.
This guide, and the learning that has fed into it, would not have been possible without the commitment of Cuso International, VSO Cameroon, the International Model Forest Network (IMFN) and the African Model Forest Network. Special acknowledgement must be paid to those who wrote or contributed to this guide including Greg Spira, Aysha Johnson, Caroline Spira and the entire Inclusion Enhanced team at VSO Cameroon.

Facilitator's Guide: