Christina Polzot has finished her term with the IMFN Secretariat in Ottawa. Christina was on contract to help organize and evaluate the 2008 IMFN Global Forum. She recently accepted a position with CARE Canada in their Latin American division. Best of luck Christina! In addition, Allister Hain, Communications Officer for the Canadian Model Forest Network, has moved on. Thanks to Allister for his four years of dedication and hard work in both the Canadian and International Networks.

Is Biomass Harvesting Sustainable? The twin specters of looming energy shortages emptying our wallets and global warming melting glaciers make finding a solution for our petroleum addiction urgent from both a financial and environmental perspective. However, there is a cost to producing and converting biomass into fuels and electricity. Removing too much biomass can deplete nutrients from the soil and possibly increase erosion.

Thanks to those who participated in the 2008 IMFN Global Forum survey. Responses overall were very positive. Results from the survey will help organizers in planning for the next Global Forum in Spain in 2011. If you are interested in viewing a copy of the survey results please contact Christa Mooney at the IMFN Secretariat (

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