Social dynamics and women’s strategies in the Campo-Ma’an Model Forest, Cameroon

The Forestry Chronicle 2012, 88(03): 283-290.

AM Tiani, JG Tchoko, H Eboto, JC Njomkap, T Bouki, A Ndo, MC Diaw

Located in the southwestern corner of Cameroon, Campo-Ma’an Model Forest is part of the vast Congo Basin forest.  Previously, a variety of interventions in the area have had different effects, some of them negative, on the lives of the local residents including women who are the main providers of household income in rural areas. With the inauguration of the Campo-Ma’an Model Forest in 2005—a platform based on a voluntary partnership of all public, private and community actors—was established. This led to collaboration capable of addressing sustainable development and conservation issues within this region. The goal of this paper is to show that, in this ever-changing context, the Model Forest concept is bringing about changes in the vision, structuring and strategies of the different social groups, particularly amongst women.

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