Challenges in the Implementation of Conservation Policies in the Reventazón Model Forest, Costa Rica

The Forestry Chronicle 2012, 88(03): 261-265.

JAC Moya, L Quiros, M Jimenez

We present an analysis of the implementation of the main conservation policies in the Reventazón Model Forest in Costa Rica, and its contribution to the sustainability of environmental services. The existing environmental legislation has helped to curtail environmental degradation and loss of forest cover. The Reventazón Model Forest is an initiative created as a means of implementing Costa Rica's commitment to the application of the ecosystem approach, and has served as a framework for putting into practice sustainable development policies with broad participation by communities in Cartago Province. The Payment for Environmental Services (PES) program has played a role in forest conservation and reforestation in 9% of the Model Forest. The challenge now is to increase the impact of this program in the Reventazón Model Forest, above all in the biological corridors, and we analyze some of the causes that could be limiting the PES program.