Participatory GIS to mitigate conflict between reindeer husbandry and forestry in Vilhelmina Model Forest, Sweden

The Forestry Chronicle 2012, 88(03): 254-260.

P Sandström, C Sandström, J Svensson, L Jougda, K Baer

To improve communication between reindeer herders and other land users, we developed and implemented a system to produce reindeer husbandry plans together with Sami reindeer herding communities. A central component of our communications strategy was the introduction and use of a participatory GIS (pGIS). We evaluated the potential and limitations of pGIS as a tool for collaborative learning. We concluded that by merging traditional and scientific knowledge in a pGIS, the process of spatial communication has contributed to a more inclusive planning process, and to improved knowledge sharing. Furthermore, the process has contributed to a more efficient long-term perspective where land use planning focuses on key areas but with solutions applied to the landscape. The Model Forest offered an appropriate platform to facilitate the process.