Man & BiospherePartners in Ecuador’s Chocó-Andino Model Forest are working to get the landscape they represent designated a Biosphere Reserve under UNESCO’s ‘Man and the Biosphere’ program.

BiofertlisantAMFNSince 2013, the African Model Forest Network (AMFN), in collaboration with partners, has been producing organic (or “bio”) fertilizers based on mycorrhizal microorganisms.

Chene-liege ProvenceThe region of Provence, France, was the theater of fires this last August, ravaging 8000 Ha. A strong drought and high winds are identified as factors contributing to the situation.

GPFLR Logo horizontalTim Christophersen and Catalina Santamaria have unanimously been chosen as the new Chair and Vice Chair, respectively, of the Global Partnership on Forest and Landscape Restoration. The GPFLR warmly welcomes both and is looking forward to continue to strengthen the partnership under their visionary leadership.

1280px-American_bison_k5680-1.jpgPRINCE ALBERT MODEL FOREST

Since the end of the 19th century, bison populations in North American have declined to near extinction. Populations of bison are now being re-introduced into parts of Canada, but there are still existing populations in decline.

29 June 2017 - The IMFN map changes again this month! As of June 2017, and as the Network celebrates its 25th anniversary, three new candidates join the list of Model Forests members. The latest additions are located in South America and Europe.


"Integrated landscape management (ILM) approaches are on the rise, and this is good news for Africa. Africa needs to make its economic and social transformation in ways that will be greener and significantly more inclusive and collaborative than previous models of industrialization or emergence; ILM approaches offer models of cross-sector, ecological and economic integration that are key to more sustainable transformation."

This policy note by Mariteuw Chimère Diaw, General Manager of the African Model Forest Network (AMFN), focuses on one aspect of the question, namely that of the delivery model for ILM. In other words, what is the approach to the approach?

Inspired by international policy developments and a national strategy for long-term sustainable land use, Sweden developed a national forest programme in 2016. The intent is to increase wood and biomass production, but also to bolster biodiversity conservation and rural development.

CSR Kyoto-StyleIn 2006, the Kyoto Model Forest Association (KMFA), a public-interest, incorporated association, was formed to serve as a catalyst for sustainable forest management activities under the supervision of the Model Forest Promotion Division of Kyoto Prefecture.

Community at Chocó-Andino Model Forest, Ecuador This last 11 May, The Chocó-Andino Model Forest, as part of the Commonwealth of Rural Parishes of the Chocó-Andino Bioregion, won Ecuador’s top Green Prize for Sustainability, for local administrations of more than 100000 inhabitants.