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The sustainable management of natural resources is no longer a utopian vision. It has become the everyday life in a Model Forest, an innovative approach that provides holistic solutions to environmental problems and is prospering in 40 sites across 19 countries, protecting over 30 million hectares.

Costa Rica Hosts Model Forest Global Forum 2005-09-11
In a world suffering the impact of deforestation, pollution and environmental degradation, the model forest has become a promising alternative for the successful management of natural resources on a landscape scale and for improving the quality of life in the local communities. This was the assessment made by 19 countries that have adopted the model forest concept and will share their experiences at the International Model Forest Network Global Forum.

Sweden Launches Europe's First Model Forest 2004-09-01
When the countries of the Barents Region of northern Scandinavia and north-western Russia were looking at innovative approaches to enhance regional cooperation and achieve sustainable use of their forest resources -- among the oldest and richest in Europe -- they decided that the model forest approach to sustainable forest management (SFM), in use in 12 countries around the world, offered the combination of elements they wanted to help them address these challenges...