Model Forest Toolkit

The Model Forest Development Toolkit is a collection of guides that Model Forests can use during their development and operations to strengthen their organizational capacity and program delivery. The Toolkit is designed as a collection of modules to allow for easy revision and quick reference. The following modules are currently available:
This guide introduces the principles that define a Model Forest, outlines the general process for establishing one and provides information on the International Model Forest Network and how to join it.
One of the most important early steps in developing a Model Forest is to clearly define an appropriate governance structure so that the roles and responsibilities within the Model Forest are clear to everyone involved. This guide is designed to help you as you develop an appropriate governance structure for your Model Forest.
Model Forest stakeholders usually know what direction and activities they want to pursue. Developing a strategic plan helps clarify stakeholders’ roles and ensures that they all share a vision for the sustainable management of their forested landscape. More importantly, the plan acts as a strategy for achieving that vision. This document is designed to guide you, a Model Forest stakeholder, as you develop your strategic plan.
The work plan turns a strategy into implementation and action. Combined with strategic planning, it helps an organization identify its needs, set priorities and implement projects and activities. A good annual work plan lends credibility to your Model Forest and its activities, increases efficiency and provides accountability. This document is designed to guide you, a Model Forest stakeholder, as you develop your annual work plan.