The Mexican Model Forest Network Is Born

On September 19, 2000, after several months of discussion and planning, the three Mexican Model Forests confirmed their commitment to share and collaborate with each other to advance and support the sustainable management of Mexico's forest resources.  The new Network, constituted as a not-for-profit organization, will promote cooperation between the three sites to facilitate the implementation and sound development of model forest objectives and activities.  It aims to foster collaboration, training, and exchange of experience with national institutions and organizations involved in natural resources management and community development programs, as well as with international public and private institutions.  The Network will also play a key role in Mexican Model Forest efforts to secure funding both nationally and internationally for the program's long-term financial sustainability.  At the inaugural meeting, the three Mexican Model Forests also identified actions for the new Network including developing a communication portfolio that will help promote a culture of conservation, wise use, and sustainable management of Mexico's natural resources.