Mediterranean Model Forest Network

Ifrane Model Forest Association, MoroccoUrbion Model Forest, SpainYalova Model Forest, Turkey

People and Places in the Mediterranean Model Forest Network

The Mediterranean Model Forest Network was officially announced by representatives from Spain at the 2008 IMFN Global Forum. The Urbión Model Forest was established in 2006 in Spain’s Castilla y León region. While the Model Forest initially became a member of the Ibero-American Model Forest Network, there was also a vision to expand Model Forest development throughout the Mediterranean region with its unique forests and landscapes.
Since the 2008 establishment of the Mediterranean Model Forest Network, 13 regions and countries have joined and are in the process of developing Model Forests. In 2011, two new Model Forests, Ifrane in Morocco and Yalova in Turkey, have joined the International Model Forest Network (IMFN). In 2012, the Montagne Fiorentine Model Forest in the Tuscany region of Italy became a member of the Network. 

Members of the Mediterranean Model Forest Network:
• Region of Castilla y León (Spain)
• Region of Murcia (Spain)
• Region of Corsica (France)
• Region of Provence-Alps-Costa de Azul (France)
• Region of Sardinia (Italy)
• Region of Tuscany (Italy)
• Region of Istria (Croatia)
• Prefecture of Magnesia (Greece)
• Region of Western Macedonia (Greece)
• Turkey
• Tunisia
• Morocco

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Mediterranean Model Forest Network


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