Korea – IMFN Link

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of South Korea has been examining the Model Forest program for the last three years. This past May, links between South Korea and the IMFN were strengthened when a South Korean delegation of three forestry specialists, headed by  Dr. Byoung Il Yoo, Director, Forest Land Use, of the Korea Forestry Research Institute, made an official visit to the IMFNS.

Prior to the visit, Dr. Yoo participated in the International Model Forest Workshop, held in Gunma, Japan, last year, where he exchanged information and views on the possibility of applying the Model Forest concept in Korea. The official programme for the May visit was co-developed by the Canadian Forest Service and the IMFNS. Dr. Yoo and his colleagues' program included formal discussions and information exchanges with the IMFNS and a number of visits arranged by the Canadian Forest Service with Parks Canada, the Montreal Process Liaison Office, and Trees Canada Foundation. The highlight of the trip was a two-day field trip to the Eastern Ontario Model Forest (EOMF), including visits to Fortune Farms maple sugar bush, Murphy's Point Provincial Park, and attending the EOMF Annual General Meeting.