Mie Workshop

From March 23 to 27,1999, the Forestry Agency of Japan, the FAO and the IMFNS collaborated to deliver the second of Japan’s four promised  annual international workshops on model forests for field-level application of sustainability, which took place in Mie Prefecture.  The Mie event was attended by over 100 participants from 17 countries and focused on practical options for effectively promoting the model forest approach and for enhancing international cooperation in model forest development. The Mie River Watershed was used as a case study to stimulate discussion on partnership building, the integration of planning and consultation processes, and mechanisms for encouraging participation by all stakeholders. Workshop proceedings are to be published later this Summer.

Workshop III - Gunma Prefecture, Japan

The Japan Forestry Agency, the FAO and the IMFNS have completed plans for the third workshop in this series, to be held in Gunma Prefecture, October 19-23, 1999.  The themes to be explored will be stakeholder identification and engagement, public/private partnerships, and networking.  As with the previous two workshops in this series, participation will be by invitation and will draw heavily from South Asia. Canadian, US and Russian model forest representatives have been invited to participate.

Status of Japanese Model Forests

Japan plans to consider options for more effective partnership development for its model forest initiatives in Kochi and Hokkaido. In this regard, the Government of Hokkaido Prefecture recently contacted the Government of Alberta with a request that Foothills Model Forest collaborate with Hokkaido to assist it to develop its model forest project. Foothills is expected to arrange for a representative to travel to Japan this fall for discussions with counterparts in Sapporo, on Hokkaido Island. <center>

Harvested area on top of mountain in Mie, Japan