International Model Forest Educational Centre Proposed

Vocational training and local capacity building using distance education

Bergslagen Model Forest in Sweden and Chiloé Model Forest in Chile have initiated a cooperation agreement aimed at establishing a common Model Forest education centre. The newly proposed international educational network will strive to accelerate sustainable development and forest management through scientific study and knowledge exchange. It is the first agreement of its kind in the IMFN.

The goal is to establish local education centres in both Chiloé and Bergslagen. An important element will be the use of distance education, initially provided through the Western Bergslagen Educational Centre. Two additional Model Forest partners, the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and the Universidad de Valparaiso in Chile, will also contribute. As the program evolves, courses specific to the sustainable forest management and development issues facing participating Model Forests could be developed.

It is hoped that the pilot project will serve as a valuable resource for other Model Forests in the IMFN and that the program can be extended to include sites in other countries. For more information, please contact Robert Axelsson, General Manager, Bergslagen Model Forest at, or Santiago Elmúdesi, General Manager, Chiloé Model Forest at