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Model Forests are active in a vast array of program areas related to the sustainable management of large forested landscapes. Please select a topic from the drop-down menu to find out which Model Forests are working in your area of interest.

CountryModel Forest
Model Forest
ArgentinaFormoseño Model Forest

Carlos Paton

Conservation of the Algarrobo Blanco (Prosopis alba) � one of the most important trees in the region displaying high forrage and timber value, and of importance to local culture and indigenous communities. Partnership area established, including Chaque�o National Park, that possesses unique characteristics such as some animal species listed in CITES.
ArgentinaFutaleufú Model Forest

Diego Ramilo

Secured conservation status for 122,000 ha of land in the Futaleuf River watershed and identification of other high priority conservation areas to be included in future biological corridors. Conservation of Huemul Program (Hippocamelus bisulcus). Biodiversity inventories conducted in Los Alerces National Park.
ArgentinaJujuy Model Forest

Virginia Outon

Project to preserve, understand and develop the Pericos-Mantales watershed by achieving protected status for it, putting in place an environmental monitoring system, and promoting and educating local communities in payment for ecological goods and services.
BoliviaChiquitano Model Forest

Hermes Justiniano

Development of land-use management plans that incorporate conservation priorities. Surveys of priority conservation zones conducted.
CanadaEastern Ontario Model Forest

Mark Richardson

Examine how species at risk modeling can be used as a tool to improve strategic stewardship and recovery efforts.
CanadaFoothills Research Institute

Tom Archibald

Grizzly Bear Research and Conservation Program.
CanadaLac-Saint-Jean Model Forest

Stephane Turcot

Zoning of moose territory to improve moose hunt management, especially in the Ashuapmushuan wildlife reserve. Endangered species inventory conducted and creation of a reference manual to inform and create awareness on endangered species protection.
CanadaManitoba Model Forest

Brian Kotak

Study the effect of timber harvesting on woodland caribou distribution and habitat use. Advise forest industry and government on sustainable resource extraction that takes into consideration wildlife management.
CanadaModel Forest of Newfoundland and Labrador

Glenda Garnier

Evaluating a habitat suitability index model for the boreal owl home range and habitat use in Western Newfoundland.
CanadaNova Forest Alliance

David Sutherland

Riparian Buffers and Forest Bird Conservation Project: examines various widths of riparian zones in the Acadian forest and establishes correlation with bird species and abundance.
CanadaResources North Association

Kathi Zimmerman

Sustainable Forest Management and Recovery Planning for Woodland Caribou in North-central BC: Examining habitat requirements of the threatened woodland caribou and the integrity of their winter ranges. Monitor habitat critical habitat supply and inform decision-making in forestry that takes into consideration this important species.
ChileAraucarias del Alto Malleco Model Forest

Washington Alvarado

Studies and monitoring of the state of araucaria forests and fruits, much used by local Pehuenche people.
ChileChiloé Model Forest

Luis Cardenas

Annual Biodiversity Fair promotes community awareness of conservation issues, and the sustainable use and marketing of local biodiversity resources. This event has become a national example of succcessful environmental education. Biodiversity Store: provides local artisans with a commercial space to sell their products and showcase their work to the general public.
Costa RicaReventazón Model Forest

Mildred Jimenez

Designing a participatory work strategy for the COBRI SURAC Biological Corridor that connects the Volcn Iraz, Tapant, Tirib, Carpintera y Rios Navarro y Sombrero protected areas. Protection of natural resources and environmental services in a second biological corridor.
CubaSabanas de Manacas Model Forest

Elias Linares Landa

Conservation of flora and fauna in the Monte Ramona protected area; planting of endemic and endangered species in the model forest area.
Dominican RepublicYaque del Norte Model Forest

Humberto Checo

PROCARYN Project development of management plans for five protected areas in the Yaque del Norte watershed region. Establishment of biosphere reserve in process, and 3000 ha of natural forests managed for biodiversity conservation.
HondurasAtlántida Model Forest

Lili Acosta

Co-management of protected areas between NGOs, national government, local government and communities.
HondurasYoro Model Forest

Manuel Cantillano

Work in partnership with the organization Amigos de la Montaa de Yoro (AMY) and the national government in the management of the Montaa de Yoro National Park, home to endemic and threatened species.
IndiaKodagu Model Forest

Appanna Prakash Nandineravanda

BIODIVALLOC Project: Aims to link markets to cultural and biological diversity and to conduct a comprehensive inventory of various local products suitable for certifications and geographic indications; thus promoting the sustainable use of biodiversity.
Puerto RicoTierras Adjuntas Model Forest

Arturo Massol

Preparation of a conservation plan for sensitive areas of the Adjuntas and adjacent municipalities that proposes the establishment of a biological corridor to unite a local community forest with a network of nearby state-owned forests. Butterfly farm to promote conservation and awareness of butterfly diversity.
RussiaKologrivski Model Forest

Nina Landonina

Develped guidelines on biodiversity conservation and management.
RussiaKomi Model Forest

Przemyslaw Majewski

Develop and implement a "method of traffic lights" estimation, conservation and sustainable use of pristine forests.
RussiaKovdozersky Model Forest

Elvira Valueva

Establish an electronic database to plan reforestation activities in the Model Forest.
SpainUrbión Model Forest

Alvaro Picardo

Trees for Biodiversity Program; integrated forest reserves; improved regeneration; mycology.
SwedenBergslagen Model Forest

Robert Axelsson

Process to protect two forested mountains, Leien and Kulle, through the implementation of landscape-level planning for biodiversity conservation.