IMFNS and UNDP-GEF Sign Networking Agreement

On March 27, 2003, Peter Besseau, then Acting Executive Director, IMFNS and Mr. Frank Pinto, UNDP-GEF (Global Environmental Facility) Executive Coordinator for UNDP, signed a Global Framework Agreement for Joint Networking Activities.

The open-ended agreement is intended to facilitate opportunities for co-location of model forests and UNDP-GEF biodiversity and forestry related projects. It is also meant to provide reciprocal opportunities for participants in UNDP-GEF projects access to IMFN sites, training, and networking, mainly in Latin America, and Asia.

The first co-location site proposed is in the Kon Ka King & Kon Cha Rang nature reserve areas of Vietnam where a UNDP-GEF project is in the advanced design stage. An IMFNS exploratory mission is to take place the coming months. Furthermore, UNDP-GEF tourism projects in Latin America are to link with their equivalents from model forests in that region in a project now planned for delivery in November 2003.

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