IMFNS–CUSO Renew Networking Agreement

On April 6, 2004, the IMFNS and CUSO — a Canadian-based international development organization and one of the leading volunteer-sending organizations in the country — renewed their Memorandum of Agreement for an additional three-year period. The partners will meet in June 2004, to identify collaboration opportunities in Latin America and the Caribbean, Asia and Africa.


The IMFNS and CUSO recognize a shared philosophy of enhancing local capacity and encouraging local initiatives as a means of finding meaningful, sustainable solutions to local development issues based on sound economic, environmental and social practices.


The first IMFNS–CUSO agreement, signed on December 12, 2001, led to a number of successful opportunities for exchange and collaboration, primarily in Latin America and the Caribbean where CUSO has sent volunteer cooperants to provide technical assistance and expertise to model forests.


Currently, two CUSO cooperants, Canadian Parker Gray, and Domincan Alejandro Mañón, are working at the Regional Model Forest Centre for Latin America and the Caribbean (RMFC–LAC) in Santiago, Chile. Mr. Gray is working on partnership and donor expansion, while Mr. Mañón is the communications officer. A third CUSO cooperant is working as a forestry coordinator at the Alto Malleco model forest in Chile.


For more information, please contact IMFNS Executive Director,  Peter Besseau.