IMFN Connections Newsletter issue focuses on responsible resource management

For more than 20 years, the International Model Forest Network (IMFN) has advanced the sustainable management of the world’s ecosystems and landscapes through multi-stakeholder dialogue and collaboration. As the name “Model Forest” implies, representatives from the forest sector are among those stakeholders, but it is important to note that representatives from other natural resources, such as agriculture, mining, oil and gas industries are also at the table. Our experience persuasively argues that the synergies gained through new and non-traditional partnerships generate creative and innovative solutions to shared problems and those solutions, in turn, can—and indeed should—ultimately influence public policy.

In the latest issue of Connections you will find articles highlighting Model Forest activities that promote responsible resource management in areas such as corporate social responsibility, forest and forest product certification and local economic development. Download your copy today to find out more about:


  • The Canadian Model Forest Network: Building on its Past, Looking to the Future
  • The Model Forest concept: An effective framework for implementing corporate social responsibility
  • Enhancing local economies through responsible resource management
  • Forest and Chain of Custody certification as tools to promote resource conservation in Model Forests
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