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Catarata Gallito de las Rocas, Villa Rica
29 June 2017
29 June 2017 - The IMFN map changes again this month! As of June 2017, and as the Network celebrates its 25th anniversary, three new candidates join the list of Model Forests members. The latest additions are located in South America and Europe. Floresta Modelo Amazonas-Tapaj...
Learning from Each Other - AMFN
12 June 2017
A LANDSCAPE CONVENING METHOD FOR INTEGRATED LANDSCAPE MANAGEMENT IN AFRICA "Integrated landscape management (ILM) approaches are on the rise, and this is good news for Africa. Africa needs to make its economic and social transformation in ways that will be greener and significantly more...
Tiveden Church
25 May 2017
Inspired by international policy developments and a national strategy for long-term sustainable land use, Sweden developed a national forest programme in 2016. The intent is to increase wood and biomass production, but also to bolster biodiversity conservation and rural development. Sweden...
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Implementation of a  CC guidebookImplementation of a CC guidebook
The Canadian Model Forest Network tested the principles from the guidebook in two Aboriginal communities in Canada and in the Vilhelmina Model Forest in Sweden. Small communities in forest-based settings, are most vulnerable to climate change and we’re seeing those impacts from extreme weather events, such as forest fires and floods, by their front door. This video is in English video close-captions in English, French and Spanish. (click on the CC button below the video to access subtitles)
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