Linan Model Forest Workshop

The Chinese Academy of Forestry (CFA), the IMFNS, and the CFS jointly sponsored China’s first model forest workshop from March 29 to April 2, 1999. It was hosted by Linan County (three hours south-west of Shanghai). The event was attended by approximately 60 participants, including representatives from the IMFNS, the Canadian Model Forest Network (CMFN), the CFS, Germany (GTZ), and Canada (CIDA). The objective of the workshop was a detailed review of the Linan Model Forest proposal, with supporting field visits throughout the county. The participation of the CMFN Secretariat and Fundy Model Forest were particularly valuable in bringing the model forest concept and experience to Chinese participants in a way that was relevant to the Chinese context.  The workshop concluded with support in principle being given to the proposal, along with recommendations for strengthening the initiative, including greater attention to the development of the local partnership.

Participants of the Linan Workshop, April, 1999