Capacity Building: Workshops and Courses

New Workshop Highlights Costa Rica’s Strength in Payment for Environmental Services

Costa Rica’s CATIE (Centro Agronómico Tropical de Investigación  y Enseñanza – Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Centre) will host a three-day workshop November 28-30, 2004, for LAC model forest representatives and partners on Payment for Environmental Services — an area of expertise in which Costa Rica is well-regarded.


Two New Workshops in Asia to Enhance Planning Skills

Building on information presented during the January monitoring and evaluation workshop, the IMFNS sponsored the first Strategic and Annual Work Planning Workshop for model forests from September 20―22, 2004, in Lin’an, China.


During the three-day workshop, facilitated by Cathy Neilson from the Eastern Ontario Model Forest in Canada, some 25 model forest participants from the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, China and India learned about defining their model forest’s strategy, vision and directions with a view to achieving their expected project impacts.


This workshop will be followed, in December 2004, by a workshop in Indonesia on Financial Sustainability: Leveraging Resources. For more information, contact Brian Bonnell at:


Another Successful Monitoring and Evaluation Workshop — LAC

Building on the experiences of the two monitoring and evaluation (M&E) workshops held in Asia in January and May this year, the IMFNS, through the UNDP-headquartered Regional Model Forest Centre for Latin America and the Caribbean, sponsored another successful M&E workshop for 33 model forest representatives from six Latin American and Caribbean countries (LAC). The five-day workhop was held June 21―25, 2004, in Curacautín, Chile, in the Araucarias del Alto Malleco Model Forest. To date, a total of more than 90 model forest staff and partners have received M&E training in Asia and LAC.


Asian Delegates Attend Evaluation Course in Ottawa

Three model forest delegates, John Novarly and Thomas Nifinluri (Indonesia) and Isabelita Austria (Philippines) received IDRC scholarships to attend the International Program for Development Evaluation Training course in Ottawa, Canada in June 2004, designed to build skills in conducting meaningful evaluations of development initiatives. The skills they gained from this World Bank-sponsored course, given at Ottawa’s Carleton University, will help model forests throughout the Asia―Pacific model forest network to enhance their evaluation abilities.


During their Canadian visit, Novarly and Nifinluri also visited three Canadian model forests: Nova Forest Alliance (Nova Scotia), Fundy (New Brunswick), and Eastern Ontario Model Forest.