Resources and Capacity-building

Looking for funding?

The "CPF Sourcebook on funding for sustainable forest management" is a joint effort by FAO (on behalf of the Collaborative Partnership on Forests, CPF) and the National Forest Program Facility. The sourcebook provides information on more than 650 funding agencies and organizations with clear guidelines and procedures for applying for their support. Find out more at:

Participatory Rural Communication Appraisal, Starting with the People: A Handbook

This free handbook published by the FAO describes the procedure for planning and conducting participatory rural communication appraisal (PRCA), a rapid and participatory method for conducting communication action-research. PRCA is  presented as the first step in design cost effective and appropriate communication for development programs, strategies, and materials at the field level. The authors aim to provide a simple, easy to follow, step-by-step methodology to conduct communication appraisals with rural communities. The handbook is available online at

Call for project proposals

A consortium of organizations, comprised by INIA, CIFOR, CATIE, ECOSUR, and MGAP, has recently launched a project aimed at developing a support platform for afforestation/reforestation and bioenergy projects under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM).  The project will provide support for regional-level activities in Latin America and the Caribbean related to:

  • The provision of technical assistance to methodological development for CDM initiatives
  • The provision of financial support to assist in the removal of formulation barriers
  • The systematization of lessons learned for project development in the CDM

The consortium is launching a call for project proposals to the “Fondo de Apoyo a Proyectos MDL Forestales y de Bioenergia en el MDL”.  Proposals in the reforestation/afforestation and bioenergy sectors are eligible for participation. The call for proposals is open to the Ibero-American region and information on the fund is available at:

World Forestry Center offers research opportunities for Model Forests

The World Forestry Center, located in Portland, Oregon, USA, is offering scholarships for a study-exchange to Portland. The program finances young professionals sponsored by — in this case — Model Forest directors to work and study at the Institute in subject of interest to the applicant. Terms are for a duration of  6 and 12 month periods. The results of participant research may be published by the Institute.

Application requirements for this scholarship include: (i) sponsorship by a Model Forest Board of Directors; (ii) a bachelor degree or its equivalent in the area of forest management, natural resources or related field; or 4 years’ experience in the field; (iii) a good grasp of written and spoken English; (iv) a minimum of 21 years of age; (v) an excellent subject of investigation; and (vi) the ability to take initiative, work independently and interact with people from other parts of the world. For more information please contact Olga Corrales at