Comings and Goings

Michael Kennedy, a Canadian CUSO cooperant, recently joined the Regional Model Forest Network for Latin American and Caribbean (LAC-Net) for a 2-year placement. Mike, originally from Hartland, New Brunswick, now lives in Cartago, Costa Rica. Mike’s professional training and interests include forest policy and economics, environmental valuation and communication technology.

As a member of the LAC-Net management team Mike’s role is Advisor on Economics and Communication Technology. Mike will be working with Model Forests in LAC-Net to further communication technology, supporting environmental service payment projects and developing inter-network cooperation. 

Denis Buteau, Consultant to the IMFNS on Latin America and the Caribbean, has moved on to new employment opportunities. Denis came to the IMFNS after a long consulting career with CIDA. We wish Dennis much luck in his new position as the International Project Director for the Canadian enterprise Roche International in Québec City, Canada.