Canadian Model Forest Network to Host IMFN Global Forum in 2007

Building on the success of the 2005 International Model Forest Network (IMFN) Global Forum in Costa Rica, the Foothills Model Forest in Alberta has offered to host the next Global Forum in the fall of 2007. 

The event was announced at the semi-annual Canadian Model Forest Network (CMFN) meeting held in Rimouski, Québec, April 23-26. Preliminary thematic discussions for the conference focused on what the Network and its partners have learned about landscape or ecosystem-based management. 

Preliminary work on the 2007 Global Forum will begin in the weeks ahead, including confirmation of specific timing of the event. For more information about the 2005 IMFN Global Forum hosted by CATIE, Networks and Networking: Current Practice and Future Directions in the IMFN, please go to