A New Communications Service of the International Model Forest Network Secretariat

Dear members and friends of the International Model Forest Network,

The IMFN Secretariat is pleased to announce the launch of a new communications service to help increase awareness of and interest in the activities of IMFN members. Over the next few months, the Secretariat will publish at regular intervals a series of profiles on model forests around the world, as well as articles highlighting our successes; sharing information, knowledge, and expertise; or discussing issues of concern to us all. All documents will be available in English, French and Spanish on the IMFN web site, and will be announced on a regular basis over the IMFN listserv.

Through this initiative, our aims are:

* to provide a space for model forests to broadcast their accomplishments, needs, and views;

* to ensure that the lessons learned by model forests are available to the widest possible audience;

* to communicate a positive, comprehensive, informative and inspiring picture of the international network to network members and friends, as well as to a global audience; and

* to create a composite profile of the international network that can help us advertise our work to potential new partners and members, international policy makers, and current and prospective donors.

Of course, the ultimate success of our efforts to exchange and communicate information hinges on our IMFN partners. We therefore welcome your input in the coming weeks and months. We invite you to contribute news, case studies, reports and analyses, announcements for upcoming events, and other relevant information about your activities; as well as articles on issues of importance to model forests. Your comments and suggestions on this communications service are most welcome. Let us know about the features that you like and how we can improve.

We invite you to forward this note to colleagues who may be interested in this service. [To subscribe to IMFN News, please contact Kaye Meikle (kmeikle@idrc.ca)].

Fred Johnson
Executive Director
IMFN Secretariat