Changes in U.S.A. Model Forests

The Hayfork and Applegate Adaptive Management Areas/Model Forests have recently broadened their partnerships. As well, contact names and numbers have changed. 

The Hayfork Watershed Research and Training Center, initiated by community members and the Forest Service, is a semi-public staff group, which provides training in a wide variety of resource fields and research coordination with various federal and state research institutions.  This centre is now the focal point for the Hayfork Model Forest.  The Forest Service continues to be an important, active partner in the Hayfork partnership. 

Contact Lynn Jungwirth, Director, Hayfork Watershed Research and Training Center

Applegate Model Forest has evolved into the Applegate Partnership, which has a board of directors headed by a president, Mr. Jack Shipley.  The new board works with the Applegate Watershed Council, which, together with the two federal land management agencies, provide staff for the Applegate Partnership. 

Contact Jack Shipley, President

Additional details about these changes, as well as full contact information, can be found on the IMFN Web site at

Donna Harmon, District Ranger, Hayfork MF, 
and Lynn Jungwirth, Director, 
Hayfork Watershed Research and Training Center