CUSO and the Chiloé Model Forest

Interpretive path in Chiloé Model ForestChilean missions to Canada in 1999 prompted a series of exchanges between CUSO and the Chiloé Model Forest, both institutions having identified common areas of interest in the Southern Cone of Latin America. As a result, they have agreed to work together to advance environmental education in the Model Forest area and facilitate the development of decision-support materials and tools to assist the Model Forest's development activities. In late October 2000, CUSO will sponsor M. Sylvain Legault, a young Canadian practitioner, who will work with the Model Forest staff  in Chiloé for two years. It is expected that M. Legault will play a key role in developing environmental assessment studies to support the Model Forest's ecotourism and park development programs. In the first few months, after a short visit with CUSO's Santiago office, M. Legault will be introduced to the Model Forest partnership and exposed to its diverse activities. He will become a full member of the Chiloé Model Forest team. 

M. Legault is currently preparing for his trip, enhancing his knowledge about Model Forests, and perfecting his Spanish. Although a little nervous about facing the unknown, he would not trade this opportunity for any other. As he notes, "I look forward to this experience.  It is such an amazing opportunity for me to share my knowledge and skills with the Chiloé group. At the same time, I expect to learn a lot from them about how they manage their resources in their particular environment."